In the video above, Don West, National Trial Counsel for CCW Safe, talks about the awesome responsibility of gun owners and those who carry, and the actions if one has to use a firearm in self defense.

“The outcome of a  self defense case, perhaps more than in any other type of criminal case, depends on being able to put the jury in the shoes of the accused at the moment when the decision to use force was made.  For the jury to understand whether the accused’s actions were lawful self-defense or murder hinges on precisely that moment …..but that moment will have been shaped by events in the life of the accused and in the life of the attacker that occurred days or years before the self defense incident.  Knowing  that,  and then being able to present it  effectively to a jury is what often makes the difference whether self-defense succeeds and the accused walks out of the courtroom, properly acquitted,  or the claim of self defense fails and the accused heads the other way to spend years or decades away from his family and friends.” -Don West