Practice Areas

Don West focuses his criminal defense practice in the following areas:

  • Self Defense

    Self-defense cases are among the most challenging criminal cases to defend and perhaps more than in any other type of criminal case, having the right lawyer can make the difference between going home to your family after a successful trial or spending years or even decades in prison.  I have extensive experience representing those who have had to use force to defend themselves against an unlawful attack.

  • Firearms Cases

    Most firearm charges are felonies and many carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence.  If you carry a firearm, be sure you know the law and carry it legally.  If you need a lawyer, get one who is experienced in handling firearm cases.

  • Serious Cases

    To me, a serious case is defined more by how much the outcome will affect your career, your family, your reputation and your liberty than by the nature of the charge itself.  If your case puts you at risk for devastating personal consequences, whether it’s a drug case, a DUI or an internet offense, get a lawyer who understands what to do to get the best outcome possible.

  • Co Counsel and Trial Consultation

    If you are a lawyer with a serious case going to trial and want some help with it, call me.  I love to try cases (especially self defense cases) where good lawyering can make a real difference in the outcome and will be glad to share the work and responsibility.  I have access to some of the nation’s best experts and investigative resources

    If you are accused of a serious crime and would like a second attorney to consult with your counsel and help with trial (or trial strategy), ask your lawyer to call me.  We’ll see if we can work something out.