Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert

To become board certified, the attorney must pass a rigorous examination, have the recommendations of attorneys and judges, be free of disciplinary actions and have extensive experience with jury trials.

173196977_0When you face criminal charges your world turns upside down.  Your reputation, your career and your freedom are at risk.  If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer, remember this:   Lawyers don’t win cases because they are “nice guys” or because they say they “know the judge” or because they were “former prosecutors”.  Lawyers win cases because of hard work and by knowing  what they’re doing.  That’s what the judges, juries and prosecutors respect and that’s what gets good results whether it’s through plea negotiation or trial.  The prosecutors know which lawyers really fight for their clients and are ready to go to trial if that what it takes.  Likewise, the judges know which lawyers are prepared, will challenge the legality of the evidence and won’t back down just to “get along”.

I’ve got more than 35 years experience and am a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist by the Florida Bar. I am professional and prepared and I will fight hard because even if the charges are relatively minor, I know the stakes can be high because a criminal conviction can last a lifetime and can affect your reputation, your family and your career.

I provide representation in both state and federal courts and provide representation and consultation in self defense cases nationwide.

If you need a lawyer, I’ll give you my honest opinion and tell you how much it’s going to cost to have me represent you.  When you have a court appearance, I’ll be there with you.  I will work with you to get the case resolved in the best possible way without a trial and if we need to go to trial, I’ll be there with you all the way.


Fees and Payments

Mr. West is pleased to offer an initial consultation in person or over the phone, and jail visits or after hour appointments can be arranged.

Attorney’s fees in most criminal cases are charged as a flat fee plus out of pocket expenses (such as deposition costs or expert witness fees.)  Attorney’s fees in more complicated cases are sometimes charged at an hourly rate with a minimum retainer; or as a flat fee plus a trial fee.

Mr. West will thoroughly explain the fee structure and anticipated costs and will provide you with a written agreement, and is agreeable to working out a payment plan for fees in most cases.